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Who We Are.

I've had an acute mental health diagnosis for 24 years. Initially misdiagnosed with schizophrenia aged 24, then changed to Bipolar One around the age of 30. One element I recall, from those early encounters with chronic mental health, is that the condition and the words associated with it really messed with the core identity of… Continue reading Who We Are.

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No Kanye, Bipolar Ain’t No Superpower.

My Kanye West can at best be described as a bit of a muddle of a man. One day espousing the plight of the African American, the next being a very public advocate of Donald Trump, the later being a man who shows little fear of being openly racist about the same community. So when… Continue reading No Kanye, Bipolar Ain’t No Superpower.

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Sometimes a bit of back-up helps….

  I don't generally follow 'celebrities with mental illnesses'; nor do I find myself asssociating with the '50 famous artists with bipolar disorder' etc.  Bipolar disorder is often associated with creativity, for example, but we'd be sensible to hold this lightly.  John has talked about this previously.  The harsh truth is that many with bipolar… Continue reading Sometimes a bit of back-up helps….

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Further Insights (John)

Insight is fascinating. To have insight into our condition is a human endeavor for self-reflective people. I think Elle's last blog was (if you'll pardon the pun) highly insightful. Her thoughts and experiences regarding insight, while you are under the cosh of delusional psychosis, really chime with my own experiences. I too have experienced flux… Continue reading Further Insights (John)