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John's last post about signs has me smiling. Sometimes when you're deluded the signs are massive and neon with flashing lights and the whole universe pours into that moment and makes complete sense of everything. You're probably quite unwell at this point. Any feeling of omnipotence, or feeling like you have a divine purpose in life… Continue reading Insight (Elle)

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Signs, The KLF and Karmapa’s Flag (John)

  I picked out a gravestone and decided whatever was written on it would be “The Sign!” You won’t believe what was written on it. Beside the owners name and date of life to end there were two words, “Keep Smiling”. How good is that? That’s not a bad sign at all. In previous blogs… Continue reading Signs, The KLF and Karmapa’s Flag (John)

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Holding it all Lightly (Elle)

This is a really serious topic but I can't write about it with any darkness or weight or sense of seriousness or I'll be smothered by darkness and weight and seriousness. It's a bit fundamental, and you can only approach fundamental things from out the corner of your eye. Staring truths straight on can blind… Continue reading Holding it all Lightly (Elle)

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Self Medicating (ii) John.

I struggle a bit with the term self medicating. To me the term suggests taking a substance for (percieved) beneficial or calming results.   (John) Over the past couple of blogs Elle and myself have discussed the ideas and the term of self medicating.  The quote above is from my last post. The problem is I… Continue reading Self Medicating (ii) John.