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Never Alone. PT2. (John)

Sadly Stuart Adamson took his own life after a long battle with alcohol and depression. There’s no need for details you can read about it online. That hits me with a thump even now. (JOHN) I’m going to tip things up with this idea too – the people who should be best at this –… Continue reading Never Alone. PT2. (John)

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Reaching Back In (Elle)

The suicide of Anthony Bourdain this week has been much on the mind of so many people.  Every time a suicide happens we seem to revisit the same feelings as if they were new - once again we wish that he might have found a way to reach out and ask for help – we… Continue reading Reaching Back In (Elle)

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Austerity and Mental Health. (John)

Hugh Jackson– Tory councillor in North Tyneside  – suggested euthanasia was a good way to reduce the costs of looking after disabled children. "Hang Mandela." campaign slogan of the Federation of Conservative Students during the 1980s, during which time its chairman was John Bercow, now Speaker of the House of Commons. Iain Duncan Smith – Tory Work and Pensions Secretary… Continue reading Austerity and Mental Health. (John)