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Thank you (Elle)

I took some fucking lorazepam earlier (!!) so I'm using a wee lull in the stress levels to post up quickly and say thank you for all the good wishes you've sent my way.  I really appreciate it. Stress levels are constantly maxed at the moment - the stresses of being on the ward (I'm very noise-sensitive),… Continue reading Thank you (Elle)

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An Out of Season Thought About Christmas (John)

As I mentioned previously I used to write a blog called Dissent prior to this one. I'm just re-sharing some favourite posts. This one was about Christmas but I think the intent of it is relative at any point of the year. Christmas is nearly upon us, and all the good things that brings will… Continue reading An Out of Season Thought About Christmas (John)

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Who We Are.

I've had an acute mental health diagnosis for 24 years. Initially misdiagnosed with schizophrenia aged 24, then changed to Bipolar One around the age of 30. One element I recall, from those early encounters with chronic mental health, is that the condition and the words associated with it really messed with the core identity of… Continue reading Who We Are.