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Trust and Two Psychiatrists. Elle

(contains a small amount of difficult material) John has described some examples of treatment that was poor  - that failed to help. It put me in mind to write about trust between psychiatrist and patient - how it comes into being and how it doesn't.  And it struck me that you can only best do… Continue reading Trust and Two Psychiatrists. Elle

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Treatment and Stigma.

Some people feel as if a diagnosis somehow labels them, diminishes them and leaves them open to prejudice. I couldn’t be further from this position. I think that owning a diagnosis and not skirting around it is ultimately empowering, allowing you to take steps to deal with what needs dealt with.    I really did enjoy… Continue reading Treatment and Stigma.

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Treatment (The poor version)

In Elle's last response she spoke about a psychiatrists response to finding out some new information on an attack of psychosis she'd had...  I remember his response – part indignant (as if a great party had happened and he hadn’t been invited), part shocked – ‘Well I didn’t know about this!’  This made me think of… Continue reading Treatment (The poor version)

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Delusions of Grandeur. John.

COMMENT. Narcissism helps you rise above that! Big respect Scotty for doing this blog x  I’m not so so sure narcissism is the right term….but I see what you mean…. If anything its deflating the ego that helps you get over delusions. (John) "GDs are characterized by fantastical beliefs that one is famous, omnipotent, wealthy, or… Continue reading Delusions of Grandeur. John.

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Onset of Psychosis (i) John.

Although I'd experienced a period of paranoia and mild delusion a couple of years prior to the first proper attack of psychosis and a manic high, I'd like to write about when the condition kicked in properly. At the time I'd been misdiagnosed with schizophrenia, and so I was taking therefore taking treatment for that… Continue reading Onset of Psychosis (i) John.