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Triggered (Well…nearly) (John)

We talk a lot about triggers these days. So I thought I'd write a blog about my own triggers in the hope it will help better people understand how they affect people with my condition.  The American Psychiatric Association describes triggers as this... What are triggers? We generally know the word trigger to mean an… Continue reading Triggered (Well…nearly) (John)

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Holding it all Lightly (Elle)

This is a really serious topic but I can't write about it with any darkness or weight or sense of seriousness or I'll be smothered by darkness and weight and seriousness. It's a bit fundamental, and you can only approach fundamental things from out the corner of your eye. Staring truths straight on can blind… Continue reading Holding it all Lightly (Elle)

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Self Medicating (ii) John.

I struggle a bit with the term self medicating. To me the term suggests taking a substance for (percieved) beneficial or calming results.   (John) Over the past couple of blogs Elle and myself have discussed the ideas and the term of self medicating.  The quote above is from my last post. The problem is I… Continue reading Self Medicating (ii) John.

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Self Medicating. (John)

Well this is nice. We've ended up with a transatlantic conversation here on the idea of Self Medicating. Bipolar Barb  has just blogged regarding this, on her own site, in response to Elle's last post Self Medicating (Elle) on here. Much thanks for your input Barb and now I'll add mine to the mix. I definitely see my… Continue reading Self Medicating. (John)

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Bipolar Mixed Episodes (Elle)

Basically I'm for anything that gets you through the night – be it prayer, tranquillizers or a bottle of Jack Daniels. (Frank Sinatra) I feel like my brain is full of crushed salt and vinegar crisps and red hot needles. I say this with some sort of satisfaction because I believe it's a better description… Continue reading Bipolar Mixed Episodes (Elle)

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Onset psychosis (iii) John.

so I decided to go to bed and prepare for my mission tomorrow. I had no idea what this mission was, but it was definitely important and I was quite looking forward to it… A few weeks back I did a couple of posts about my first dalliance with psychosis. I finished the second part… Continue reading Onset psychosis (iii) John.