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IRL (Elle)

(=In Real Life)

Starting this blog has changed the shape of my world. I used to be an unconnected island of one. I’ve never had a facebook page or twitter account. My mobile phone is dumb. Then all of a sudden I launched into co-writing this blog, and became connected to the whole world. The connectivity of internet and social media world astounded me – and still does. The blog has led to contacts made from around the world.

Early on I realised that it would be quite possible to disappear in internet world and never surface, and I didn’t want that to happen. But I came upon an abbreviation that I believe is used by those busy and absorbed with social media – IRL (In Real Life). I figured I should probably get this tattooed on my arm as a reminder to always take care of IRL – to always remember to set foot IRL even while I’m becoming immersed in internet world.

CPN (community psychiatric nurse) was keen to express to me that IRL is good for your mental health too. Connections with IRL keep us whole and healthy. Isolation can turn you inwards and feed poor mental health. Right now I’m immersed in my internal world. The demon is tormenting me and taking up much of my energy just to cope with it and try to deal with my head. But I made a conscious decision this time to try and keep up with my IRL commitments too. In fact I’m hurling myself at IRL at the moment – filling my days with friends and groups and movies and walks and stuff. I’m fuelling my journey with coffee.  I’m absolutely exhausted, beside myself with weariness. But the truth is I need IRL at the moment, because on my own the demon shouts louder, and I’m terrified.

7 thoughts on “IRL (Elle)”

  1. Elle just to say I’m really enjoying your insightful posts. It helps that your co-writer is my brother but I just wanted to let you know that your insights have helped me understand and cope with my own periodic depression. Find myself looking forward to them and glad that you are investing in IRL. Need to do more of that myself! .

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    1. Bill, thanks so much for saying that. I’m beyond delighted that something I write might help out someone else. I’m thrilled at the power of communicating ideas. Thanks very much again, and all the best. (Elle)

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