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Thank you (Elle)

I took some fucking lorazepam earlier (!!) so I'm using a wee lull in the stress levels to post up quickly and say thank you for all the good wishes you've sent my way.  I really appreciate it. Stress levels are constantly maxed at the moment - the stresses of being on the ward (I'm very noise-sensitive),… Continue reading Thank you (Elle)

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Our Tribe Pt2. (John)

Elle has been having real problems with her sleeping pattern. Eventually with treatment she did manage to get a good 7 hours sleep. She told me that all the other patients on the ward were delighted to hear this when she awoke. That really made me smile. I'm glad to report that I got another… Continue reading Our Tribe Pt2. (John)

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Sometimes a bit of back-up helps….

  I don't generally follow 'celebrities with mental illnesses'; nor do I find myself asssociating with the '50 famous artists with bipolar disorder' etc.  Bipolar disorder is often associated with creativity, for example, but we'd be sensible to hold this lightly.  John has talked about this previously.  The harsh truth is that many with bipolar… Continue reading Sometimes a bit of back-up helps….