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More Opinions. (John)

it would be better to ask me a question about my life and learn something than have an opinion on it and learn nothing. (Elle) Today's blog by me was all going to be about endorphins and me having taken up a wee bit of running. (We'll come to that another day) But after reading Elle's… Continue reading More Opinions. (John)

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Opinions (Elle)

Well, up until now John and I have been building the blog as a kind of extended gentle conversation on whatever comes to our minds relating to mental health. I'm sorry – but I want to take a small step off the path for long enough to just get something off my chest and out… Continue reading Opinions (Elle)

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Austerity and Mental Health. (John)

Hugh Jackson– Tory councillor in North Tyneside  – suggested euthanasia was a good way to reduce the costs of looking after disabled children. "Hang Mandela." campaign slogan of the Federation of Conservative Students during the 1980s, during which time its chairman was John Bercow, now Speaker of the House of Commons. Iain Duncan Smith – Tory Work and Pensions Secretary… Continue reading Austerity and Mental Health. (John)