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it would be better to ask me a question about my life and learn something than have an opinion on it and learn nothing. (Elle)

Today’s blog by me was all going to be about endorphins and me having taken up a wee bit of running. (We’ll come to that another day) But after reading Elle’s excellent post (LINK ABOVE) I feel it more appropriate to follow on with the points she raised so well. What was said about her was inconsiderate at least and completely out of sync with decent humanity at worse. I have to say when I first met Elle my opinion of her was the polar opposite of ‘so sad – such a terrible waste of a life’” My first impression was wow this woman has a voice, a level of experience, true empathy and a way of articulating complex subject matters on mental health in a way THAT MUST BE HEARD. That’s why I asked this relative stranger (at the time) to start a blog with me.

This relative stranger had already achieved so much with their life I came to understand and believe that they deserve to reach a very wide selection of society, and I believe one day she will. You can take with a pinch whatever waffle I post up here…but if you want the real facts, articulated to the finest of definitions then read her posts.

We’ve all had awful stuff said about us, but when it is in relation to your mental health, when you are trying to live with an acute condition… it can cut.

The one that’s always upset me most in life is people enquiring  ‘Are you sure you are alright?’ This enquiry comes after you’ve done something disagreeable for them and is in no way an enquiry into your wellbeing. It is a statement that says ‘you’re not stable and you’re pissing me off.” I’ve had it from bosses, strangers, work acquaintances and people much closer to home. Normally these are the same people who wouldn’t be within a ten mile radius of you if anything was genuinely wrong. People do this often to people with a mental health condition. Try to imagine the same scenario with physical disability. ‘Are you alright…It’s just you LOOK completely fucked up.’ It’s bullshit of the highest order. It needs to stop. The only way it will stop is if the likes of Elle and I occasionally get vocal about it. No need to thanks us we’re here to keep you right.

So please do consider your language, consider your motive and consider us as upright walking talking individuals of HUGE POTENTIAL when you address us! It’s a bit off the road for me and Elle to post on here like this. We’re often far from being ranters or angry victims, unfortunately sometimes society will insist on us having to become just that, even if only temporarily. I hate to state the obvious but we are just regular people…but with magnificent insights into life few can imagine. Rant over. I’m off out tomorrow for a run. x

3 thoughts on “More Opinions. (John)”

  1. thanks john – for stepping off the side of the road with me for just long enough to share a howl of protest! you’re right – i don’t think either of us by nature are righteous venters or angry victims. but if it’s my aim to share honestly, then that sometimes means strong opinions that come from where i’m hurting. onwards! (Elle)


  2. Good friends like you, who change people’s lives, are worth their weight in gold. Enjoy the running and let no-one say you are running away.


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