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One Top Reason Why It’s Worth Being Open About Mental Health. John.

Hello we’re back. For those of you who come here regularly we’ve been quiet for a couple of weeks. I’m afraid Elle is still in hospital, so any love you can send her way is very welcome. As for me…I’d just been having a wee break until I had a list of new stuff worth blogging about. Regulars here will notice we’ve also had a major makeover. Huge thanks to the fantastic lady that is Lily Rose for helping with that. I hope now the blog is more accessible and easier to find your way around. Sooooo…just a quick post.

It’s a year since I first started performing my show Delusions on mental health. Last night I was in our local comedy club and a young man approached me and told me his girlfriend had persuaded him to come and see the show earlier this year. She did this because she suspected her partner may have a mental health condition. After seeing the show he decided to seek advice from a consultant. It turned yes he had a condition and is now being treated for it. I was extremely grateful he took the time to let me know this. The fact that my daft wee show played a part in this makes me very happy. More blogs to happen over the coming week. x



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