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Social Media and our Mental Well Being.

Although it is not for everybody I believe there is a lot of positives to be found in the world that is Social Media. I also believe the good it does for our mental well being way outdoes the bad.

  • In my life social media started with the site Friends Reunited. Those that remember it will recall it being one of the first big successes of the online world. Looking back, to me, Friends Reunited perfectly tapped into one of the first human needs and desires of the modern world. That need being our desire for connectivity. No more would we have to lose those people that we spent significant parts of our lives with. No longer do we need to wait 20 years for a school reunion. Now we can find them again and say, “Hi, how are you. I’ve missed you. I enjoyed the part of my life that you were in.”
  • It was while looking on a group page one night that I discovered somebody enquiring about the side effects of a certain medication. I had taken this medication in the past and was able to offer some advice. From there others came onto the thread and I began to realise I was much less alone in my experiences of mental health. From there that group formed an online space specifically for talking about mental health. Now there are many online spaces where people can share experiences about something we would rarely talk about in the open in the past. That first online encounter eventually led to me coming out the mental health closet and developing commentary such as this blog.
  • UNITY.
  • It may yet be too early to guage how big an impact social media is having on people’s liberty. I think The Arab Spring was one of the biggest indicators that online communication can indeed have huge impacts on organised demonstration. Things are a long, long way from being greatly improved for the majority of us that inhabit this world, but I’ve a feeling social media is going to play a part in how we shape up to the future. Sadly it’s still too uncertain to say if that will be a positive income. I’ll personally choose to remain optimistic.
  • Some criticise social media groups for being an unrealistic reflection of society at large. That we tend to form links with like minded people and therefore become an echo chamber of people saying the same thing. Fair enough, but I tend to think there is one basic underlying human desire, that being the desire to make things around us fairer for all. People can arrive at many opposing opinions as to how we achieve that. That’s what makes the planet tick and turmoil. The bottom line is we’re all generally after the same thing.  99% of us won’t stand by and watch someone drown if they think they can prevent it from happening. This is how we’ve succeed and become the planets alpha entity. In short, we’re at our most effective as a communal animal.
  • That’s right, we are now becoming connected around parts of the globe that we will never visit or ever have a need to go to. Surely something positive must come from us gaining further and further insight into all the huge variety of cultures that make up this world. Multiculturalism has been proven to have had highly positive impacts on the parts of the globe that it is most prevalent in, such as the economic power houses of places like London and New York. Obviously there’s no doubt it’s not all good. Wealth disparity in these cities is more acute than anywhere else on the planet. However, it’s now becoming highly evident that these disparities must be brought into line for these very places to be able to function effectively for all concerned…and that includes the affluent.
  • Yes you did, and thanks for doing that. If nothing else you’ve just played a part in brightening at least two peoples days. x

2 thoughts on “Social Media and our Mental Well Being.”

  1. So glad you are still blogging John and reminding us that Elle is still out there albeit not in the best place. You make a harmonious duet and will be singing from the same song sheet soon

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