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Some Feedback And Advice Please. (John)

Hi, I’m on holiday in Greece just now and am typing up this blog on a phone, so pardon me if its a bit stilted. As is typical of me I’m chasing ideas at the moment. One idea is that I believe there is something in this blog of Elle and mine that could be turned into a Ted Talk, or more accurately a Tedx Talk, which is the smaller more localised version of them. I even grabbed a book at the airport on how they are put together. I’ve only just started it so am a bit premature in posting here. Here’s what Ive learned so far.


Talk about what you’re passionate about…OK I’m passionate about.

Challenging the established order of things.

I’m passionate about giving voice to things not spoken about.

I’m passionate about how we perceive and relate to each other.


“It is essential to inspire hope and confidence,since it is what we lack most and need most in our times.”

That’s all I know so far, but I like what I know so for.

Then I had an idea of my own. I thought I could come on here and ask for your feedback. What is it you like most about how and what Elle and I write about. So if you could please, please provide me with some feedback or advice it would be hugely appreciated. Much thanks John. X

6 thoughts on “Some Feedback And Advice Please. (John)”

  1. I think this is a good idea. Mental health needs to keep up the openness and the discourse. My advice would be to use your own experience as a jumping off point rather than the centre of the talk i.e. it starts inward but move outwards. Good luck with it.


  2. I liked this particular blog because it felt like an invitation to ‘come in’ and I think it brings us all together much more. I read every blog from end to end as I find them so informative and they give me insight into things I realise I know only a smattering about. It works for me but I am not technology savvy so I haven’t a scooby what a Tedx or whatever it is called, is. But if you think it is a good thing then you have my vote. I like the principles you outlined so far, so all good.


    1. Thanks Grace A Ted Talk is a 20 minute public presentation that should inform an audience on stuff they may not be familiar with. In this case mine would’ve on the more acute aspects of mental health.


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