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Bipolar Disorder in Children. (John)

Bipolar Disorder in Children What to Do If You Think Your Child Has Bipolar Disorder Above is a link to an article if you have concerns about bipolar in a child. For me as someone who fully manifested as Bipolar aged 24 this whole area is a bit of a dilemma. I do often… Continue reading Bipolar Disorder in Children. (John)

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The Mental Health We Don’t Talk About.

Three years ago after coming out of hospital I started to experience the presence of the demon. The demon is sometimes a clear voice in my head, but more often is a hellish noise; a clamour. (Elle) As I stood in the shop I spotted a sign for Australia (Where my brother lives) It had one… Continue reading The Mental Health We Don’t Talk About.

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Triggered (Well…nearly) (John)

We talk a lot about triggers these days. So I thought I'd write a blog about my own triggers in the hope it will help better people understand how they affect people with my condition.  The American Psychiatric Association describes triggers as this... What are triggers? We generally know the word trigger to mean an… Continue reading Triggered (Well…nearly) (John)

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Bacon, ham and hot dogs ‘linked to manic episodes’ (John)

How's that for a clickbait title to a blog. Joking aside this is a genuine article in the British press today. I've put a link to it below. It may be pseudoscience or there may be something in it. As it was published in a recognised psychiatry journal I'd go for the latter. Personally speaking… Continue reading Bacon, ham and hot dogs ‘linked to manic episodes’ (John)

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A Quick Interview and Plug (John)

I'm doing my Delusions Stand up show at The Live Theatre Newcastle on July 26 9.00pm.  Here's a little interview thing I did to promote it.  Please do come along. I promise it is a very funny show.

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A Quick Word From Elle (Via John)

So if you've been following us in recent weeks you'll know that Elle isn't blogging just now because she's under section. We've been in regular contact and she agrees she's probably in the best place for how she is feeling just now. Still...that doesn't make what she's experiencing easy. As always she's been her incredibly… Continue reading A Quick Word From Elle (Via John)

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An Out of Season Thought About Christmas (John)

As I mentioned previously I used to write a blog called Dissent prior to this one. I'm just re-sharing some favourite posts. This one was about Christmas but I think the intent of it is relative at any point of the year. Christmas is nearly upon us, and all the good things that brings will… Continue reading An Out of Season Thought About Christmas (John)

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Funny Tales. 3 (Mindfulness Sketch)

I mentioned in my last humorous story that I’ve been reminiscing about potential new material for my Delusions Stand Up Comedy Show. Normally these tales are related to my experiences in the world of mental health. However, over recent days I've been writing sketches for a potential project. Yesterday I wrote one about Mindfulness, which… Continue reading Funny Tales. 3 (Mindfulness Sketch)