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Songs About Mental Well Being. No.1 Bridge Over Troubled Water.

When I was doing my show on mental health at the Edinburgh Festival last year I would put up wee notices about it along with a song about mental health. I think it might be a good thing to do here on the blog too. Perhaps one a week. So here’s the first one. A thing of stunning beauty put together just as Simon and Garfunkel were breaking apart. It’s a standard for human empathy that’s rarely been equaled.

An online site tells us…

The end of the 1960s acted as a full stop for many of the decade’s biggest acts, including this legendary duo. With the detested Richard Nixon in the White House, war raging in Vietnam, and relations souring between this long-term musical partnership, Paul Simon managed to channel his ennui into a gospel-inflected epic of redemption. Inspiration for the song came quickly and suddenly. “Where did that come from? It doesn’t seem like me,” Simon said of the song. Whatever the wellspring, the poetic lyrics with their comforting sentiments, and Art Garfunkel’s beautiful delivery struck a chord. The song has become an everlasting standard for empathy, sympathy and emotional solidarity.

To everybody out there right now have a peaceful weekend. Especially Elle.

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