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A Quick Word From Elle (Via John)

So if you’ve been following us in recent weeks you’ll know that Elle isn’t blogging just now because she’s under section. We’ve been in regular contact and she agrees she’s probably in the best place for how she is feeling just now. Still…that doesn’t make what she’s experiencing easy. As always she’s been her incredibly considerate self. On the days she feels unable to communicate with me she has had a close friend of hers keeping me up to date with how things are going. Another thing she has been doing on a regular basis is making me laugh with her communications. Obviously under section you lose some of your liberty and may have to take treatments you’re not entirely keen on. Yesterday I got this text from her (PS we have Elle’s permission to post about this)

ELLE: “Today for my mental health project project I’m designing a T-Shirt that says, ‘I hate Fucking Lorazepam……’ I’ll get it sent here and wear it for ward rounds. Just so we all know where we stand Hahaha.” 

That really made me smile and I replied with, “Hahaha I was once given a T-Shirt while on a ward that said ‘Glad To Be Mad’ I think it was a bout de-stigmatising mental health although was never really sure Lol” 

Then ELLE came back with, “First time I was sectioned I paced up and down all the time. My close friend bought me a T-Shirt that said, ‘I simply walk into Mordor’…Can’t wait for my new mindfulness affirmation T-Shirt to arrive.”

She also told me…

ELLE: “It was my gentle act of defiance against being on the ward. Same now. I know I have to be here. I’m grateful that you’re trying to help. But I’ll never be fully complicit. Because I need to take some small control back for myself in a situation where I have precious little room to maneuver.” 


Later that day Elle sent me an image of said Lorazepam T-Shirt. It looks great. She told me. ” Don’t think this works very well – but the blue oval is the same shade as 1mg of lorazepam, and the text says ‘I Fucking Hate Lorazepam….Hahaha!’

Here it is!

Nice design. I then asked if it would be OK to mention this on the blog. She said it was but also told me.

ELLE: “Fine to put it on the blog.  Just tell them that a wee bit defiance that everyone can smile about is a far better solution than kicking out against the staff.  I’m blown away by how incredibly well I’m being nursed here.  I can’t wait to get my t-shirt, and I hope it raises a few smiles on the ward.  All my days feel hard now, so the t-shirt is going to help no end.”  

So there you go. I’m really glad she’s been able to share this with us. She has a strength of spirit that is off the charts. Some thoughts and messages would be greatly appreciated (John) xx 🙂


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