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A Haiku and a Poem. (John)

Prior to writing this blog with Elle I used to have my own blog called Dissent. As Elle is recovering I’m going to lift some favourite things from it over the next few days to provide some content for you our much respected followers. A quick word on Elle. She is still in hospital, I’m hearing from her almost daily and her spirit and humour are still intact. If you have some thoughts for her please do send.

So from my other blog here we have a Haiku and a poem. I like them both and I like the melancholy of the longer piece. Sometimes it’s nice to let the melancholy through.


There are mad people
Running up this very street
Me included too.

I remember a boy who always loved rivers
As he screamed and he skipped and he ran
So when the last light is naught but a sliver
I’ll take pride in his complete lack of plan
An infectious laugh brimming in joy
Just another face in the Oi polloi
And we danced
Castles float
Keith transmits
Ice expands
Plastic spins
Charlie fights
Acid lights
Raymond disappears
Nobody here
I remember a boy with no thoughts of the mortal
How he drank and he swore and he sang
And when I see that I let out a chortle
Yet some are long gone from the gang
And we danced
Twirling your stuff
Strutting a bluff
Where is she going
Enough is enough
What have you done with your hair
You burn and you dim like a flare
I can’t remember
It’s fading like embers
Play turns to working
Your bones are for hurting
Warm summer sun
Is this the last one
Sea was for swimming
Nettles for stinging
Is there money for one more ride
I don’t need anything with you by my side
Life is a bitch
Forgive us our sins
Life is a beach
And the tide’s coming in.


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