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My Mind (Palaver) This Week. (John)

Being at a loss for a specific blog topic to write on today I thought I’d get down a few disparate ideas that have been floating around in my head.


I’ve taken up running. I’m doing the NHS couch to 5k programme and am currently on to week 6. Much has been written about using exercise as a tool to combat depression. I’m not currently depressed but I have a low level niggling anxiety that on a day can chip away at the back of my consciousness. I think this may be a general thing that a lot of people deal with. I’m delighted to say that after a run the rush of endorphins you get does seem to calm and energise the brain. I’m fully aware that not everyone who reads this blog will in any way feel capable of exercise. However if you haven’t tried it, it may be worth exploring. The things they report about it certainly feel true in my own case. Running however may not be for everyone. I specifically took it up to lose weight, but that isn’t going to happen until I’m up to running for around 25 minutes most days (I’m about a month away from that). At the moment I find it quite challenging. My fitness has improved greatly and I no longer get short of breath, but the pain in my legs as I go is hard to deal with. I’ll keep you up to date as things improve/develop.


I was reluctant to put this under my funny tales series as I don’t want it to look like I was laughing at someone else’s distress.  That isn’t what was funny about what occurred just around the corner from my house a couple of days ago. As I mentioned above I’ve taken up running. My run traditionally ends with a trip to my corner shop for a sugar free drink. Last Friday when I got to the shop it was fairly busy and there was a feeling of mild commotion in the air. ‘What’s going on?’ I asked a young man. ‘Did you not see mate. There’s a completely naked man stood just around the corner.’ So I went back out the shop, this time with the owner, and yes there about 100 yards away was a completely naked man. He was just gazing blankly into the middle distance. That isn’t what was funny. What was funny was I’d been head down so focused/struggling with the end of my run that I’d somehow ran right past him and not noticed! Anyhoo I advised both an ambulance and the cops should be called. I’ve a feeling what was going on was more of a psychiatric nature than it may have been said man’s idea of how to enjoy the sunny weather. As always the cops got there first.


We’ve all got our heroes in life. One of my main entry points into the arts was discovering the Sex Pistols around nine years old. Pretty young for a punk but I was genuinely enthralled by them. Over my days I’ve remained a big fan, of not just the music, but of John Lydon and his general mischievousness and disdainful attitude towards the established order of things.

As I’ve mentioned on here before I’m a lifelong fan of John Lydon. Last night after a near 40 year wait I finally saw him and his band P.I.L. live. I was expecting to be mildly disappointed. I’m delighted to say it was the polar opposite. Lydon hit the stage singing powerfully in an almost operatic style, like a demented Elvis in his Vegas years. The throbbing, pulsating avalanche of melodies that the band created matched him perfectly. I’ve been to see Gorillaz, Morrissey (I know) and Noel Gallagher in recent months and I’m delighted to say my childhood hero hands down beat them all. As I was watching the show I thought a lot about why we need our heroes. Whether they be from arts, sports, academia or whatever. Our heroes give us a right good lift. Obviously our heroes don’t get it right all the time but I feel it’s important you always equate their wrongs with all the things they’ve done that does inspire you. Heroes are important, exercise can also be important, phoning emergency services when you see a naked person is probably important too. 😉

I’m off on holiday at the end of this week, but will be back writing on my return. Have a good one. x


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